Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reviewer Incentive Contest - READ ON!

Now that I've released my first audiobook and am well on my way to becoming the new King of All Media (watch your hiney, Howard) I'm offering the following Reviewer Incentive Program and Contest* for all my readers. It's pretty simple:

1) Buy one of my books, including my audiobook version of Dream a Little Dream. You can do that now, or you can already have done it. Or you can write a review of a book you bought from me at a con. (Amazon and Barnes and Noble will allow you to write reviews of books you bought somewhere else. iTunes and Smashwords will not.) Or you can review one of my FREE stories. This program does not require a new purchase or proof of purchase. Purchase links are over on the right there if you need them. Just click on the one corresponding to your favorite e-tailer.

2) Write a review of the book and post it online. This is the new part. Reviews must be dated July 6th, 2014, or later.

3) Email me a link to your review and your email address. It can be a throwaway email address from gmail or whatever, but you must provide a working email address. If you ask me to, I will add the email address to my mailing list. I will not add it unless you ask. Email it to my Reviews at Dreams of Control email address (click here to see it.)

4) For every review you post and email me a link to, I will give you a free copy of the e-book of your choice through Smashwords. (You heard me. Review a free or .99 book and you can choose ANY BOOK YOU WANT, including the more expensive ones. or vice versa.)

You will need to sign into Smashwords with the email address you give me, but you don't have to put in payment information if all you do is download free books. Just put the name of the book you want in the email. Note that you cannot get a copy of the audiobook this way, sorry.

5) On the first of every month, I'll randomly select one review submitter to receive a $10.00 Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, or iTunes e-gift certificate (winner's choice.)

It's that simple. So what are you waiting for? GO WRITE SOME REVIEWS!

This program is subject to change or termination without notice, but any eligible review submitted will receive the incentive listed and be entered to win if submitted before such change or termination occurs. Must have a valid email address to enter. Void where prohibited. Prohibited where void. No purchase necessary, but very much appreciated. Odds of winning do not change based upon products purchased. Once you've reviewed all my books you don't get any more free ones until I write some more. You may give your free books away to others by providing me with their email. Stop reading this like it was a real sweepstakes or something and go read a book!

*With that many capital letters, It Has To Be Good.

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