Sunday, January 19, 2014

Appearances Are Deceiving.

I'm working on the second "tweenquel" to Hell to Pay. It's called "Carnival of Lust." As you might guess Simon and Lily are at Mardi Gras. :)

I was writing some dialogue for Lily (if you haven't read Hell to Pay, Lily is a succubus) and remembered a comment somebody made about her one time which I thought was funny.

Reader: "Lily is a sophisticated, sexy woman. Why does she keep calling men 'sweet boy*?'" Isn't that a little girly?"

Me: "No. She calls them that because she thinks of them as food**. Anyway, to her all men are boys. She's thousands of years old. It amuses her."

So obviously it doesn't always click, but there are other reasons than lack of imagination for a character to have a particular habit. :)


*At some point Lily refers to every man she talks to, with one exception, as "sweet boy." Including her master. The exception is for a very good reason: she's on her best behavior as the man she's talking to is extremely dangerous.

**Not literally. Succubi (and incubi) eat human souls. They can carve them up and eat part and trade part, too. They're demons, which you sometimes forget because Lily doesn't usually act all that evil. She is, though. She's just not cruel or vicious, unless she has to be. Her schtick is seduction. Her jokes about flies aside, she knows you catch more of 'em with honey than with vinegar.

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