Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Erotic Mind Control Book: "Sorority Saturday"

Hey, kids - three months with nothin' and now two in two weeks! Go me!

My new book is called "Sorority Saturday," and frankly, I decided to just go for broke. Cover and back cover blurb:

Sandy Johnson was about to leave the Delta Gamma house for a Saturday morning run when a mysterious man shows up on their doorstep, with an even more mysterious little black box. When he uses it on Sandy, she goes from Chapter President to helpless accomplice in his quest to find out if Delta Gamma is the "best sorority on campus." 

Soon all the Delta girls are lined up for inspection, and want to or not, they'll do anything to show the man that they're the hottest, sexiest sorority around. Anything at all!

(Erotic mind control, group sex, orgy, lesbian, bisexual, harem) 

Some personal firsts in this one:

1) First orgy scene. *sniff* They grow up so fast.
1a) First *lesbian* orgy scene. It still counts as a lesbian orgy if there's one guy so long as he just watches, right?
2) First time in one of my books I haven't explained how the mind control actually works. There are rules to it, and he follows them, but neither the rules nor the technology are discussed.
3) Longest sex scene evar. Depending on how you count - and there are interludes and breaks and if I do say so, the pacing is good - more than half the book is sex scene.

The book is up on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords, with redistro to other stores as per usual.

Links: Amazon: 


Kobo: (It was up, but I had to fix a typo. Should be up soon.)


As always, thanks and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Best In Breed" Now Available!

My newest erotic mind control story, Best in Breed, is now available for purchase on most major e-bookstores. (Coming soon to the rest!) Links at the bottom of this post.

Here's the cover and blurb:

Angeline was just a catgirl in a human world, trying to make something of herself, when a mysterious stranger kidnapped her and revealed a long-lost secret about her kind. Now she's bonded to him body and soul and helping him seduce other catgirls as part of his dangerous quest for vengeance and redemption. 

An ancient and murderous conspiracy of shadows will do anything to keep the secret of the catgirls. Angeline and her master must move carefully as they lead more catgirls down the path to erotic, loving bliss with men who desperately desire them. Eventually, they will be found. And then the real struggle begins...

Yes, it's got catgirls! Alchemy! Multiple kinds of mind control and a dash of serial recruitment for your evil, evil pleasure. I'm very pleased with it and I hope you will be too. Thanks and enjoy!


Barnes and Noble: