Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Record... and New Reader Reward Story!

Yes, for the third month in a row we've broken our all-time sales record and that means a new Reader Reward story! We really appreciate all of our readers who make this possible. Thank you!

This month's story is called Double Exposure and is the third installment of the His Lucky Break series. Things are only getting more interesting for Sean the photographer!

Cover and back cover text:

Sean Dunston was just a computer artist who liked to take pictures of models for reference for his digital paintings. Then one day he knocked over one of his studio flash units and it started buzzing, flickering... and hypnotizing the models!

Now he's trying to replicate the accident and make a better, more powerful version. His first test: Internet model "Miss Nasty" and her friend Veronica, who shows up unexpectedly during Miss Nasty's booking. Can Sean's new mind control flash overpower not one but two hot models? And if so... just how steamy will the session get?

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And, as usual, when a free story goes up, another one comes down - or at least, becomes not-free. Today's Lucky Winner is now a pay-to-read story, but for only ninety-nine cents, it's still a huge bargain.

As always, thanks and enjoy!