Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review(s) of Hell To Pay and Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams

Her Majesty Tera, Queen of the Succubi, has been so gracious as to write a long and detailed review of Hell To Pay and its "tweenquel," Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams.

Tera is well known in the erotic mind-control community and is, of course, one of if not the most influential person in the Succubus community, including being the Mistress of the SuccuWiki, a truly impressive Wiki devoted to the lore of the Succubi both fictional and historical/mythological. So I have to admit that while I had high hopes when she commented that she'd read Hell To Pay and was going to post a review of it, I was also a little apprehensive. She's not a "gimmie" reviewer. Write something she doesn't like and she'll say so in no uncertain terms. (I won't even go into what she'll do to you if you market something as a "succubus" costume which doesn't meet her standards. It gets... ugly.)

In any event, literary reviews are a major feature of her blog, A Succubi's Tale, and she's read dozens if not hundreds of stories about Succubi. That's a pretty high bar to clear.

Fortunately she enjoyed the books and the review is everything an author could ask for. See:

As a wise man once said, the praise of the praiseworthy is above all rewards. (Although if a million people want to buy my books, I wouldn't say no to the money, either.) I am extremely gratified to know that a person so intimately connected with the subject enjoyed my Succubus stories.

And as always, thanks and enjoy!

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