Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Ideas Are Not As Useful As You Might Think


Argh, I say.

I had Hell to Pay: Halloween Dreams and What He Wants both needing attention, but ohhhhhh, no. What my subconscious really wants to work on are new stories. So in the past few days I've started a book called Today's Lucky Winner and one called The Back Door. Plus a few other ideas. But the thing is that ideas are cheap: words are expensive. I can rattle off plots one after another all day long, as can any writer or even any reasonably intelligent person. But turning the plot into tens of thousands of words which fit together well and are fun to read... that's the long part.

If I ever get to finish any of these, I promise you'll love them. They're all fun. But my brain is easily dis... ooh, shiny!

Sorry. Anyway, keep checking back. More coming. ;)

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