Thursday, January 31, 2013

Characters: Mystifying

So Simon and Lily are sitting in a dance club, enjoying a Halloween party, bothering hardly anybody, and all of a sudden... there's Stefan.

Simon, Lily and Stefan are, respectively, the magician and the succubus from Hell to Pay and the male magician from A Matter of Trust. In other words, they're fictional characters I created. They exist only in my mind, do only what I imagine they will do. And yet...

I had no idea Stefan was in that dance club until Lily noticed him standing there. Had no idea that was going to happen. Had no idea what was going to happen next. Just... there he was.

Characters. They're like that.

In any event, in case anybody wondered, this demonstrates that yes, all my books take place in the same universe. There are inconsistencies in how some things are described - for instance Stefan has a different view of magic than Simon who has a different view of demons than Lily: meanwhile the Maestro knows nothing about either magic or demons. But remember: the author is omniscient (or at least omnipotent which enables retrograde omniscience.) The characters are not. None of them knows everything about the DoC universe and all of them know things about it that aren't necessarily so. ;)

I think you'll like this story. And I know that while it may be the first Dreams of Control crossover appearance, it won't be the last or the least. Stay tuned. It's going to be a wild ride.

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