Saturday, November 3, 2012

Made It! Another Record Month.

Actually, it wasn't even that close, although frankly since Unspeakable Publications released multiple new books AND gained access to a new selling venue (Kobo) I think we're being somewhat generous here. :)

In any event, we did exceed our all-time unit sales volume, again, so there will be a new free short story sometime this month. It will be another installment in the His Lucky Break series. However, given that we continue to release new books constantly and unlike a traditional publisher we don't take backlist books out of print, if we just released a free book every month we'd soon have a LOT of free books, and that isn't how you make it in show business. So the rule is after this month, every time a new free book comes out, one of the previously-free books becomes a non-free book. Fair? I think so. And I'm runnin' this rodeo.

Of course, our sincere thanks to our readers, who are the ones who make this all happen. I am very grateful and appreciative that more and more of you pay money you worked hard to get to enjoy my stories and those of our other author (hopefully soon authors.) I really appreciate it.

Thanks and enjoy!


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