Sunday, November 18, 2012

What With One Thing And Another...

... I'm a little off my usual bi-weekly publishing schedule. The new book is coming along really well; it can't decide how long it wants to be, though. I'm probably going to try to keep it a novella. I apologize for being late: I really do try to keep things flowing. It'll be worth it, you'll see!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thank-You Story is Up!

Well, it's in publication review right now at Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. It is live on Smashwords. I'll post links when it goes live on the other sites. Here's the cover, a link to Smashwords and teaser text:

Get On a Roll at

Sean Dunston is a professional artist who uses amateur models to make reference pictures for his digital paintings. After dropping one of his photo strobes on the floor during a shoot, he finds to his amazement that it has somehow become a hypnosis machine. Anyone who stares at it too long slips into an odd trance where everything they hear becomes the literal truth.

Sean's a nice guy, but he's no saint. After all, nobody will do anything in hypnosis that they really don't want to do... right? And if the gorgeous alternative models he photographs really want to makes some erotic art, what's wrong with that?

Note: This short story is my way of thanking my readers for their ongoing support. If you like it, please try some of my longer works or my novel Maestro. Thanks and enjoy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Made It! Another Record Month.

Actually, it wasn't even that close, although frankly since Unspeakable Publications released multiple new books AND gained access to a new selling venue (Kobo) I think we're being somewhat generous here. :)

In any event, we did exceed our all-time unit sales volume, again, so there will be a new free short story sometime this month. It will be another installment in the His Lucky Break series. However, given that we continue to release new books constantly and unlike a traditional publisher we don't take backlist books out of print, if we just released a free book every month we'd soon have a LOT of free books, and that isn't how you make it in show business. So the rule is after this month, every time a new free book comes out, one of the previously-free books becomes a non-free book. Fair? I think so. And I'm runnin' this rodeo.

Of course, our sincere thanks to our readers, who are the ones who make this all happen. I am very grateful and appreciative that more and more of you pay money you worked hard to get to enjoy my stories and those of our other author (hopefully soon authors.) I really appreciate it.

Thanks and enjoy!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Record Breaking Month...?

The figures aren't all in yet, but it looks like Unspeakable Publications may have had yet another record-breaking month in terms of sales volume. (I'll know in another day or so.) If so... free story!

Not only does that make me happy in the greedy grasping capitalist sense, but the next free story (if not this month, then soon enough, I'm sure) will be about Sean and his mysteriously malfunctioning studio strobe, first encountered in His Lucky Break. That was fun to write and I'm looking forward to doing another little adventure for him. So buy books!