Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Anthology Up... and now available on Kobo!

Love Spells: Three Dreams of Control is now available as an ebook on the major publishers (or will be very shortly.) It's a magic-theme erotic mind control anthology incorporating A Matter of Trust, ...And All His Heart's Desires, and the critically-acclaimed* Awakening. Here's a link:

Back cover text:

Do you believe in Magic?

The second anthology in the "Dreams of Control" universe takes the reader on three mystical journeys where chance, fate, and will grant three very different men the power of control. Suddenly, any woman they want can be theirs, any way they want, any time they want. Afterward, their lives will forever be changed. Will they seek love or be ruled by lust?

Or do they really have to choose?

Collects the magically-themed erotic mind control novellas "A Matter of Trust," "...And All His Heart's Desires," and "Awakening."

Also, ALL of Unspeakable Publications' books, including all of the Dreams of Control stories, are now in the publishing queue at Kobo. No offense, Smashwords - my understanding is it's a backup on taking affiliate submissions at Kobo itself. But a fellow's got to do what a fellow's got to do.


*By one critic, anyway! Thanks Pat!

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