Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dreams of Control Anthologies

Cheating a little bit here: the next two Dreams of Control books will be anthologies of existing stories. My laziness is your gain, however, because they will be priced such that buying the anthology is considerably cheaper than buying the individual stories!

The first one, Better Loving Through Chemistry, should be up today (it's already on Smashwords and is visible on Amazon by searching.) Here's a link:

In other news, Maestro and the two anthologies will be available in trade paperback! You can buy them here:


Better Loving Through Chemistry:

Love Spells:

What? Love Spells, the second anthology including the critically acclaimed Awakening, is already available in paperback??? Yes, yes it is! So if you just gotta have it early, you can, and for only a dollar more than the e-book version. Enjoy!

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