Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm On A Roll...

The second "Dreams of Control" short* is now available for purchase at! The Shape of Her Desires has the hot and slightly kinky sex you know and love in my works, but really emphasizes, especially given how fast the story moves, the method of control and the feeling of scary, helpless realization the people involved feel when they realized what's happened. (Although as usual in my books, nobody gets hurt. Who doesn't want to be. A little.) It's that building anticipation that really makes this story fun for me and I hope you like it too. Click the picture or the link below to get it. And if you act before the end of July, you'll get to take advantage of the "Summer/Winter Sale" at Smashwords. You can't afford not to buy this book now!

*Technically it's a short story although it's fifty percent longer than the first one... at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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