Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unspeakable Publications: My Media Empire Groweth

Just a quick update - my first Premium catalog approval, for The Ultimate Icebreaker, has just gone through and another one, for The Shape of Her Desires, is pending. So soon they should be available on the iTunes Bookstore (or the iBooks store, or whatever it's called) as well as Kobo, Sony, and several others. According to the inimitable Delilah Fawkes, people with iPads love them some porn, and there aren't that many EMC books up on Apple's store yet, so here's hoping. :) I mean, I know I love me some porn, and I do have an iPad, but I've learned that in a lot of ways, you just can't go by me. :)

My other three books are in KDP Select lockout until mid-September. I haven't gotten a lot of extra boost from the KOLL, so they'll be moving to Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and other fine etailers as soon as the lockout period expires. They will, of course, stay on Amazon as well, they just won't be exclusive there anymore.

Edited to add: The Shape of Her Desires just went Premium. :)

All of my new books will be non-KDP exclusive and will, hopefully, become Premium after review and distributed to all of the Premium retailers.

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