Tuesday, July 17, 2012

About The Book: Awakening

And now, my first "about the book" post.

This is Awakening, the first of the Dreams of Control stories...

(You can click on the picture to go to the Amazon page for the book.) Awakening was originally called This Is Not A Dream, which is a pretty good example of a spoiler-y title, since the main character spends about half the book convinced that he's dreaming. It started out, like all my books do, as an erotic fantasy of mine, and I wrote it just to get it out of my head and make it clearer and sharper. It was the first piece of "serious" erotica I ever wrote - although I was writing stories about people using supernatural powers to get sex by the time I was a sophomore in high school. Obviously I was always going to end up in the gutter. I'd blame my mother, but she's a saint, and I'm sure she often wonders what went wrong. :)

When I decided to try actually publishing my work, Awakening was the longest, best-edited piece I had. I reworked it to make the sex scenes a little more visual and graphic - I'm not the raunchiest writer in the world, and the stuff I write just for me tends to be as much symbolic as descriptive. I think it struck a nice balance as everyone I used as a test reader said that the sex was, and I quote, "hot." (Trivia note: Awakening has more sex scenes, relative to the length of the book, than any other story I've written so far. Maestro has more, but it's twice as long.)

One of the hardest things was deciding what to put on the cover. I have an "Internet friend" who's a fabulous photographer (His name's Marc, too - small world. See his work at http://www.unspeakabledreams.com/. And yes, I shamelessly stole the name of my publishing company from him. In my defense, he stole it from Shel Silverstein.) We bumped into each other on a forum for fans of erotic mind control and I asked him if he had any good pictures I could use. The main character of the book likes his helpless victims smiling and happy, and when I saw the photo of the smiling girl pulling her top off and looking at the viewer, I said, "That's it. That's exactly what they look like." So sometimes things just fall in your lap. As I like to say, "When you're a nice guy, nice things happen to you."

Awakening was published in August of 2011 (wow, it's almost been a year already.) Although you can't tell from the number of reviews*, it's sold pretty well. Now if I could just get it linked to 50 Shades somehow... Alas, probably won't happen. But according to a very detailed thread I ran across the other day, sales increase geometrically with the number of books you have available. Since I only have a few (and only had two for several months) I'm pleased with how well it's done so far. I plan to write more this year and hopefully will start seeing that multiplier effect soon!

Comments and questions about Awakening, how I decided to publish my work, and how I went about it are welcome. I'll be going into more detail about that as I go along, although it's ground that has been exhaustively covered so I doubt I'll do any full-scale "How To" pieces. Unless somebody asks nice. :)


*Reviewers wanted - free copy of one of my books if you'll promise to leave one! Some conditions apply, email marc@dreamsofcontrol.com for details. :)

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